• Autumn Joy

New Work! A Cosmic Collection.

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

From a caterpillar to a butterfly, the Art Barn Gallery continues to evolve naturally throughout it's seasons.

We are very happy to announce a new collection of art has been added to the website for your curious peepers.

The assembly of mixed-media paintings are the outpouring of positive vibes coming directly from the loft of the gallery, where Byron has set up his studio. Unpredictable rhythms, bright colors, and a cosmic bang! The work is almost embryonic, "budding" if you will, and leaves us all wondering how we ourselves continue to grow and expand with each passing season.

The mystery of creation.

Visit "Byron Renderer" tab to view the collection. The pieces are also for sale in our online store and prices have been marked down making it a perfect time to start or expand your art collection.

The fast approaching Fall season will spread the most stunning foliage across the Tyringham Valley. The large picture window in the Art Barn's loft will look upon nature's spectacular palette. I wasn't named Autumn Joy for nothin', there's no telling how it will inspire thirty-three years later...

Until next time, squeeze out every ounce of summer that's left for us here in the Northeast.


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