• Autumn Joy

It's not goodbye but see you, later.

Dear friends, family, fellow artists, and supporters,

It has been a joy to share with you the work of accomplished artists this past summer at The Art Barn Gallery which included, Byron Renderer's "Chaos and Cosmos", Donna Howard's "Gardens in My Head" and "The Cut-Up Queens", Margie Nichols and Amy Fennelly. We cannot thank you all enough for the support you have offered us in manifesting such a dream.

When this journey began over two years ago, my father asked me if I could build a website for a gallery where he and Amy would showcase not only their own work, but a space for other artists to show and where neighbors and community could gather. I've been witness to both Byron and Amy's art careers since I was six, just shy of 30 years, and was proud to help in any way that I could. I discovered more about the inner workings of the art world during these last couple of years but what stands out most is we need art now more than ever. Luckily, many will agree.

Given that, The Art Barn Gallery is just getting started. Those of you who are parents know, two years in is just the beginning of a life. The Art Barn Gallery has grown out of it's first home at 8 Main Road in Tyringham and when the time is right, will emerge in a different form. I am excited to take part in what that may look like. Until then, stay with us. We're not going anywhere. The site will continue to be live and updated as we navigate time and space, and allow for ideas to develop on how best to share art with our community.

As we finish out 2020, one of the most challenging years for many, I can't help but admire how much stronger we have become through immeasurable challenges and painful growth. The most meaningful lesson I have learned from watching the life of an artist is that love, joy, and authenticity are three pillars that I should pursue endlessly, no matter the cost. Artists will continue to create, as they have for centuries, through pandemics, wars, and landlords. And I myself like many will continue to be inspired by the sheer dedication and courage it takes to work, live, and share one's life as an artist.

Sending you all our very best wishes.

We'll see you later.


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